Get Important Information About Your Vehicles In Real Time

  • Phone Use
  • GPS Location
  • Trip History
  • Driver Rewards
  • Speed Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Set Up Process?

    We make implementing & setting up DriveCare as easy possible by doing it all for you. Once you sign up with DriveCare, we’ll add all of your drivers and the rest of your account information to get you up and running with zero pain and suffering involved.

  • Do I Pay For Software Upgrades?

    No! During the lifetime of our service agreement with your company, you will receive all software upgrades completely free.

  • Is DriveCare Available To The Public?

    Currently, we are focused on bringing DriveCare to corporate fleets worldwide. We’ve partnered with companies from across Canada and the United States to help protect their fleets, and we are now bringing DriveCare to companies in the rest of the world. Our timeline for a consumer product is not yet definitive, but will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

  • Do I Pay For Hardware Upgrades?

    If we discover a fatal flaw in the hardware of any individual unit that we ship to you, we will upgrade the hardware of that unit completely free of charge. If we release a new product or a major upgrade there may be a fee for the new product or upgrade.

  • Can I Receive a Demo?

    Yes of course! We’d be happy to show you exactly how DriveCare works and how easily it can be integrated into your fleet. We make it very short, and on average you’ll only need to set aside about 15 minutes. Want a demo? Let us know!

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DriveCare can prevent distracted driving. We even reward your drivers for driving safely, so they're encouraged to keep using it.

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