Get Important Information About Your Vehicles In Real Time

  • Phone Use
  • GPS Location
  • Trip History
  • Driver Rewards
  • Speed Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does DriveCare Require Driver Opt In?

    DriveCare requires your drivers to download a consent app on their phone, which is available on both Android and iOS. Once this app is installed on their phone they are not required to do anything else. When they’re driving in your vehicle, DriveCare will activate. If they’re not, they won’t notice it’s there. We do not require driver discipline, and you are alerted almost right away if the driver happens to uninstall the app.

  • Does DriveCare Void My Vehicle’s Warranty?

    Absolutely not. DriveCare is a simple unit that draws a minimal amount of power and will not effect your vehicle’s warranty in any way.

  • Are There Any Additional Data Fees?

    We charge a small monthly access fee for the dashboard as a part of our service, but there is no additional fee for data and our unit does not require its own data plan.

  • Do I Pay For Hardware Upgrades?

    If we discover a fatal flaw in the hardware of any individual unit that we ship to you, we will upgrade the hardware of that unit completely free of charge. If we release a new product or a major upgrade there may be a fee for the new product or upgrade.

  • What Training Is Involved?

    We are obsessed with simplicity. Making things simple, it’s how we stand out. All the other guys offer very complex programs with a steep learning curve – but not us. From the very beginning, we take care of all the grunt work. We’ll add all of your company information, including your drivers and safety numbers, to your account so you don’t have to. It saves an average of 3 to 4 hours worth of work, letting you get started on the right foot with access to all your vital information – without any of the fluff that you don’t care about.

    We will also train your team on how to use DriveCare to get the most benefit from it, and we have a great support team that will help you out with anything along the way. This training can take place either in person or via online web meeting as requested.

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DriveCare can prevent distracted driving. We even reward your drivers for driving safely, so they're encouraged to keep using it.

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