Frequently Asked Questions: Shipping & Set Up

  • Are There Any Additional Data Fees?

    We charge a small monthly access fee for the dashboard as a part of our service, but there is no additional fee for data and our unit does not require its own data plan.

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  • What Is The Cost of Shipping?

    Shipping is completely on us! It’s just one of the many perks you’ll get by signing up with Keeping Roads Safe!

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  • How Long Does Shipping Take?

    Once you have placed your order with us for any product, shipping will typically take 4 – 6 weeks before you have the units. We will not start billing for any units until after they have been received.

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  • What Is Your Return Policy?

    We will offer a full refund on any faulty or defective unit within 14 days of activation. Beyond this 14 day period, we will exchange any unit that becomes faulty or defective for the lifetime of your service agreement with Keeping Roads Safe.

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  • What Training Is Involved?

    We are obsessed with simplicity. Making things simple, it’s how we stand out. All the other guys offer very complex programs with a steep learning curve – but not us. From the very beginning, we take care of all the grunt work. We’ll add all of your company information, including your drivers and safety numbers, to your account so you don’t have to. It saves an average of 3 to 4 hours worth of work, letting you get started on the right foot with access to all your vital information – without any of the fluff that you don’t care about.

    We will also train your team on how to use DriveCare to get the most benefit from it, and we have a great support team that will help you out with anything along the way. This training can take place either in person or via online web meeting as requested.

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  • What is the Set Up Process?

    We make implementing & setting up DriveCare as easy possible by doing it all for you. Once you sign up with DriveCare, we’ll add all of your drivers and the rest of your account information to get you up and running with zero pain and suffering involved.

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