Frequently Asked Questions: DriveCare

  • Does DriveCare Require Driver Opt In?

    DriveCare requires your drivers to download a consent app on their phone, which is available on both Android and iOS. Once this app is installed on their phone they are not required to do anything else. When they’re driving in your vehicle, DriveCare will activate. If they’re not, they won’t notice it’s there. We do not require driver discipline, and you are alerted almost right away if the driver happens to uninstall the app.

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  • How Long Does DriveCare Take To Activate?

    DriveCare will automatically active on the driver’s phone roughly 30 – 45 seconds after they start driving. It will not activate immediately when the vehicle turns on, and this is to allow the driver to set up any maps navigations, music etc before beginning their drive.

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  • Is DriveCare Only Active When The Vehicle is In Motion?

    DriveCare only becomes active when it detects that the vehicle is driving, but it does not become inactive until the vehicle completely powers off. This ensures that DriveCare will remain active even at red lights, stop signs, construction zones, etc. If the driver needs to park for an extended period but needs their vehicle to be powered on, they can simply park and then turn off the vehicle for roughly 30 – 45 seconds until DriveCare deactivates, and then turn the vehicle back on again. This will give the driver full access to their phone while parked.

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  • Can Safety Numbers Be Set Individually?

    Yes, you’re able to easily define several safety number groups and then assign an individual DriveCare unit to be paired with a safety number group.

    ie: You have a fleet of vehicles across different regions, who would be calling different safety numbers. You can assign one group of safety numbers to all your vehicles in the “North East Region”, and another group of safety numbers to all your vehicles in the “North West Region”.

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  • Are There Any Additional Data Fees?

    We charge a small monthly access fee for the dashboard as a part of our service, but there is no additional fee for data and our unit does not require its own data plan.

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  • Does DriveCare Void My Vehicle’s Warranty?

    Absolutely not. DriveCare is a simple unit that draws a minimal amount of power and will not effect your vehicle’s warranty in any way.

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  • Do I Pay For Hardware Upgrades?

    If we discover a fatal flaw in the hardware of any individual unit that we ship to you, we will upgrade the hardware of that unit completely free of charge. If we release a new product or a major upgrade there may be a fee for the new product or upgrade.

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  • Do I Pay For Software Upgrades?

    No! During the lifetime of our service agreement with your company, you will receive all software upgrades completely free.

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  • How Does The GPS Work?

    Whenever there is a cell phone activity detected on your driver’s phone we will record the exact location, their speed, and other data and provide it to you through our online dashboard. Unlike other telematics services, we do not provide constant feedback of your vehicles in real time but only if there is an infraction.

    We consider the posted speed limit throughout a driver’s trip and monitor their speed. If they exceed the speed limit you will be notified.

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  • How Long Does Installation Take?

    Simplicity is key. KIS(s). Keep it simple…

    DriveCare is a hard wired unit that just requires a connection to an accessory line of power and ground that can be drawn from almost anywhere within the vehicle. We leave the exact placement up to the mechanics that install it, as they would know the best spot to place it within your specific vehicles.

    The whole installation process should take no more than 10 – 15 minutes for a mechanic with experience working on electrical units for vehicles.

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  • What Training Is Involved?

    We are obsessed with simplicity. Making things simple, it’s how we stand out. All the other guys offer very complex programs with a steep learning curve – but not us. From the very beginning, we take care of all the grunt work. We’ll add all of your company information, including your drivers and safety numbers, to your account so you don’t have to. It saves an average of 3 to 4 hours worth of work, letting you get started on the right foot with access to all your vital information – without any of the fluff that you don’t care about.

    We will also train your team on how to use DriveCare to get the most benefit from it, and we have a great support team that will help you out with anything along the way. This training can take place either in person or via online web meeting as requested.

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  • What is DriveCare?

    DriveCare is a small vehicle accessory that is easily installed in any type of vehicle, from family sedans to heavy equipment vehicles and everything in between. Our DriveCare unit connects to the DriveCare app on any type of phone, which is required for the driver to give consent. Once installed, DriveCare will delay all notifications and phone calls on your driver’s phone until the vehicle has been turned off and it’s safe to check in.

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  • Is DriveCare Available To The Public?

    Currently, we are focused on bringing DriveCare to corporate fleets worldwide. We’ve partnered with companies from across Canada and the United States to help protect their fleets, and we are now bringing DriveCare to companies in the rest of the world. Our timeline for a consumer product is not yet definitive, but will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

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  • Does DriveCare Work With Other Fleet Systems?

    Yes. DriveCare has been designed from the very beginning specifically to work well with any other fleet management system you already have in place. This is why it is hard wired into your vehicles and does not use the OBD-II port – giving you maximum flexibility to place the DriveCare unit where it’s most convenient for your needs.

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  • Can I Receive a Demo?

    Yes of course! We’d be happy to show you exactly how DriveCare works and how easily it can be integrated into your fleet. We make it very short, and on average you’ll only need to set aside about 15 minutes. Want a demo? Let us know!

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  • What is the Set Up Process?

    We make implementing & setting up DriveCare as easy possible by doing it all for you. Once you sign up with DriveCare, we’ll add all of your drivers and the rest of your account information to get you up and running with zero pain and suffering involved.

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  • What Is The Cost?

    Our prices are very affordable, and are tiered based on the number of vehicles in your fleet to provide you with the best prices for your needs. We encourage you to contact us for a quote request if you’re interested in pricing.

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