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  • GPS Location
  • Trip History
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  • Speed Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does DriveCare Require Driver Opt In?

    DriveCare requires your drivers to download a consent app on their phone, which is available on both Android and iOS. Once this app is installed on their phone they are not required to do anything else. When they’re driving in your vehicle, DriveCare will activate. If they’re not, they won’t notice it’s there. We do not require driver discipline, and you are alerted almost right away if the driver happens to uninstall the app.

  • Are There Any Additional Data Fees?

    We charge a small monthly access fee for the dashboard as a part of our service, but there is no additional fee for data and our unit does not require its own data plan.

  • Can I Receive a Demo?

    Yes of course! We’d be happy to show you exactly how DriveCare works and how easily it can be integrated into your fleet. We make it very short, and on average you’ll only need to set aside about 15 minutes. Want a demo? Let us know!

  • Can Safety Numbers Be Set Individually?

    Yes, you’re able to easily define several safety number groups and then assign an individual DriveCare unit to be paired with a safety number group.

    ie: You have a fleet of vehicles across different regions, who would be calling different safety numbers. You can assign one group of safety numbers to all your vehicles in the “North East Region”, and another group of safety numbers to all your vehicles in the “North West Region”.

  • How Long Does DriveCare Take To Activate?

    DriveCare will automatically active on the driver’s phone roughly 30 – 45 seconds after they start driving. It will not activate immediately when the vehicle turns on, and this is to allow the driver to set up any maps navigations, music etc before beginning their drive.

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DriveCare can prevent distracted driving. We even reward your drivers for driving safely, so they're encouraged to keep using it.

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